Hils Court Villa can simply be described as a personal retreat of “simplistic elegance in paradise.” The villa comfortably sleeps 8-10 people. A minimum of two adult people can choose to stay at the  villa and the villa will be yours ONLY during your stay. You eat, sleep, swim dance or whatever you have in mind when you desire. One can even excuse the staff if you desire nude bathing or tanning.These are just some of the advantages of vacationing at Hils Court Villa!! The whole concept of the villa is to provide a level of privacy, exclusivity and comfort for guests.

The villa is in an exclusive area of Reading, Montego Bay. It is conveniently 15-20 minutes from everything of importance, but far enough from the insignificant. The airport, Doctors Cave Beach, Margaritaville, shopping, downtown Mo Bay and Try All golf course are all within 20 minutes from the villa!

The villa is in the middle of 4.5 acres of breathtaking horticulture and a wide variety of tropical birds that occasionally visit the estate. The villa has four large bedrooms with a full private bathroom in each room. Each room has a new air conditioning system and a ceiling fan. The living room has a 40” screen with cable and a new entertainment system in the living room. The villa also has free Wi-Fi.

Bedroom one has a king size bed, bedroom two has a queen size bed and bedroom three has a full-size bed and four has twin size beds. Bedroom four can convert to a king size bed for couples. There are two – day beds and a crib that are available for additional guest convenience. When one steps out of their room, onto the shaded veranda; one experiences a peace, a favorite space for reading, reflecting, snacking and enjoying a beverage.

It is encouraged to dine on the pool deck for breakfast. The sun isn’t hot and there is nothing like enjoying the indigenous delights of the chef with a view of the ocean and Montego Bay as the backdrop. It never gets old. There is also an indoor dining area near the kitchen that is convenient for scrumptious meals. The meals are prepared by our fabulous chef.

The villa also has a groundskeeper who is on the premises 24-7, 365. He assists the chef, cleans the pool and the grounds for your enjoyment early in the morning. He secures the villa at night and keeps our guests safe while sleeping. There has never been ANY problems at the villa.

There is also housekeeping for the guests. The rooms are cleaned and the linens are changed every day. The chef typically arrives at the villa at 7:00 AM and leaves no later than 7:00 PM. The staff works extremely hard to ensure your comfort. TIPS ARE ENCOURAGED FOR THE STAFF. I typically tip waiters 20% and the majority of them never ask me if everything is ok. Plus, they don’t prepare anything. PLEASE SHOW THE STAFF YOUR APPRECIATION OF THEIR HARD WORK.

The meals are a copulation of American and Jamaican cuisine. The chef is very flexible and she will prepare meals in accordance to specifications and food allergies. Guests are encouraged to speak with the chef at the beginning of the day to discuss lunch and dinner meals. The chef is prepared to serve three meals a day if desired by the guests. Over the years, guests have eaten in the various eateries in Jamaica, but have always found themselves “cemented” to the offerings of our talented chef.

The preparations have been one of the consistent staples of excellence that is identified to Hils Court Villa.

There are a couple of nooks along with the veranda that the villa has to offer for quiet escapes. There is a shaded area under the pool deck that is perfect for people who want to avoid the direct sunlight. There are lounge chairs and a couch for your comfort and relaxation. One is more than welcomed to have a picnic on the grass of the front yard. The palm trees shade this area o manicured grass. A romantic picnic comprised of a blanket, wine, with bun and cheese are commonplace at the villa.

One of the main features of the villa is its’ luxurious swimming pool. The pool features an unbelievable view of part of Montego Bay and the ocean. One can often see the cruise ships, boats and the panorama while sipping a drink in the water.

Over the years, the villa has identified independent drivers who drive air- conditioned minivans that seat up to 10. Both drivers are excellent. They are available for tours, the nightlife and simply getting around town. It is suggested that one conceptualizes or plans as to where they want to go or what they want to do before arriving to Jamaica to avoid excessive fees.

Discuss a tentative itinerary with the driver and negotiate a price when he brings you to the villa from the airport. Again, lack of preparation or improvisational planning can be very expensive. The drivers are separate entities from the villa. They are reliable, professional, knowledgeable and reasonable.