Staff Info

The villa has a staff of four people that includes the manager, chef, housekeeper-chef and a 24 hour butler. The staff is included in the rental price. Their tips are also included, but you are welcomed to tip additionally. They are excellent at what they do and will pamper you with kindness and service. The butler has his space under the pool area. He will avail himself to you at all times. The
housekeeper will clean your room everyday and prepare your room for a restful night. Fresh linen and beach towels will be provided for you. Complimentary laundry will be done for you in the middle of the week. The chef is outstanding and works tirelessly to satisfy your palate. The villa has a manager to make sure that everything is running smoothly. She will come to the villa to introduce
herself to you. She will provide you with her phone number if you have any concerns.

The villa is available for weddings, parties, family and class reunions and large gatherings. The villa has a relationship with a beautiful hotel that is 15 minutes away. This relationship facilitates large groups of more than 8 to 10 people. The villa can be the epicenter or meeting place for fellowship with friends and family. Simply imagine 20 to 50 members of your family playing tennis, basketball, enjoying the pool, eating barbeque jerk chicken, dancing and enjoying spectacular views as a backdrop on the villa’s 4.5 acres.

You will be provided with a personal cell phone with minutes.You can take the phone with you when you leave the villa for whatever reason. This will also allow you to call the U.S. You will be responsible for buying additional minutes and replacing the minutes that you used during your stay. The phone starts with 500 minutes. You will be responsible replacing the phone if you lose it, break it or if it is stolen. The phone and the purchasing of minutes are inexpensive. Example: It costs $11.00US for 1,000 minutes. This includes calling the U.S.

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