Montego Bay is Jamaica’s second city in size and importance, but it is the island’s tourism capital. It boasts the most hotel accommodations, the most transport facilities and is, in fact, a cosmopolitan holiday centre, offering a wide choice of amenities. Montego Bay is divided into three fairly distinct parts. There is the city itself with its crowded streets. There is the “hotel area” which is the mile-and-a-half strip running from the town, past the celebrated Doctor’s Cave Beach and out to the Dead End Bar. Thirdly, there are the outlying hotels and Villas on beach or hillside.


Official Matter Entry Regulations- No passports are required of Canadian or U.S. Citizens/Residents entering as tourists for any period up to six months provided that they have a return ticket and identification such as a social security card or driver’s license. All other visitors must carry a valid passport.

Your home country may however impose other travel requirements in order for you to leave and return. Please check with your local officials for more information and to prevent any confusion.

Marriage Licenses- Visitors can obtain a special licence after a 24-hour period on the island. You must produce your passport and two witnesses. If either party has been divorced or widowed, necessary documents must be produced to vouch for their current status. Young people under 21 years of age must produce written consent from a parent, signed by a notary public. Bank Hours- From 9am to 2pm every day except Friday when they open 9am to noon and again from 2pm to 5pm. A few banks are open on Saturday mornings.

Currency- Jamaica’s currency is the Jamaican dollar, not to be confused with the U.S. dollar. The value of the Jamaican dollar fluctuates but in November 2004 it was approximately JA$61 to US$1

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